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Who would have thought that looking for the secret of the eternal engine, Blaise Pascal will accidentally invent the most popular gambling, the business card of any gambling house. Now you can even play roulette for free without any risks for your wallet.

The most popular gambling game in the world

It’s difficult to say how old the roulette is and where it came from. It has been suggested that the first analogs of roulette already existed in ancient China and Greece. But the roulette game as we know it now appeared in France. Even in the days of Cardinal Mazarin, the French loved to play roulette, which had a positive effect on the state treasury. At that time, this game had 40 sectors. After that, there was a period of a strict ban on this game, but later, roulette was modernized and got some modifications. Today you can even play roulette online free without deposits and registrations.

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Varieties of roulette

Traditionally, roulette is divided into three types: French, European, and American. These are the main types of exciting games that all casinos in the world offer to play.

French roulette

This is a classic casino game with very favorable rules of the game and loyalty to the player. The main feature is that all the terminology, table layout exclusively in French. The croupier also announces the bets and results of the game in French. The main characteristics of roulette:

  • 37 sectors
  • one zero
  • if the zero falls, the player doesn’t lose his bet, but I get half of it.

The mathematical expectation of this roulette is also quite favorable: 2.7%. For comparison, the US version has 5.4% of mathematical expectations. All casinos have a free online roulette game of French type.

European roulette

This is the most popular roulette online, as in a land-based casino. So, what is typical of European roulette:

  • 37 sectors and one zero, as in the French counterpart
  • the mathematical expectation is 2.7%
  • the division into sectors Voisins de Zero, Zero Spiel, and Orphelins; these are the numbers adjacent to the zero, next to this sector, opposite and other numbers, respectively.

Beginners start getting acquainted with roulette exactly from the European type. Also, it’s the most popular option in offline and online casinos.

American roulette

The latest version of roulette, which appeared in the New World. It’s most popular among Americans. The difference from the above analogs is as follows:

  • 38 sectors
  • two zero
  • mathematical expectation 5.4%
  • if zero is dropped during the game, the bet is saved until the next round.

Some casinos supplement and modify the rules of roulette. And although the American game is considered less profitable, its popularity has not diminished. It’s advisable to tart experience with this game in online free roulette games.

What types of bets exist in roulette?

The player aims to put on the right sector. To do this, the game provides two types of bets: internal and external ones. External rates are divided into the following types:

  • Red or black
  • Even or odd
  • More or less
  • Dozen
  • Column

Internal bets involve betting on a number or group of numbers. Also, the intricacies of betting depend on the type of roulette.

Play roulette online

Today, any casino offers roulette in CAD or to play free roulette online. In addition to the classic options, online casinos offer such types of roulettes as:

  • Mini roulette
  • Roulette Bul
  • Roulette without zero
  • Pinball Roulette
  • Bauern Roulette

Also, in the collections of games you can find games with symbols instead of numbers, or themed roulettes: Marvel, zodiac signs, or roulettes for computer games or movies. Choose what you like and play roulette for free, for money, or without risking anything.